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Tailored market research

Think of us as your own team of economists. We’ll provide you with detailed, accessible and insightful research on any sub-sector or geography tailored to suit your needs.

Of course, we’re not just generalists. We focus only on construction industry research, and we have more than 60 years’ experience between us in that field, conducting both quantitative and qualitative studies.

All our dedicated research is backed by a wealth of market intelligence, gleaned from HIA’s close contact with thousands of industry participants over more than a decade.

ACI’s Chief Economist, Dr Harley Dale, has been researching construction markets as a specialisation for more than 17 years. He’s at the heart of what our clients describe as our ‘intangible ability’ to move with and reflect industry dynamics.

We can anticipate changes and trends before everyone else, because we spend a big part of every day talking with people from right across the spectrum of Australia’s construction industry.

At ACI we:

  • tailor research to your exact needs and budget
  • provide information based on the activities and behaviour of 40,000+ industry professionals, responsible for over 80% of Australia’s residential construction work
  • offer comprehensive research based on:
    • location
    • company size
    • type of work
    • industry sector
    • dwelling type
    • HIA membership and more
  • provide research links between construction and broader economic activity including:
    • prices 
    • rents
    • yields
    • industry structure
    • profitability. 

Current Research Projects

Contact us to find out how we can help assist you.

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