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With ACI, you get the industry's best forecast accuracy. HIA is broadly recognised as an industry leader in residential housing forecasting, and our forecasts have been proven more accurate than those of any other provider. 

All our forecasts are available for the entire country, or by state and territory.

  • Quarterly, calendar year and financial year dwelling commencements, by state and territory
  • The value of total renovations expenditure
  • Regional building approvals
  • Dwelling commencements by distinct product category
  • Projections of underlying housing requirements and broader demographic trends out to 2025.

Dwelling Composition Forcasts

In recognising the changing new dwelling mix evident for Australia’s housing industry, a full suite of housing starts history and forecasts by distinct dwelling types is available to assist businesses to plan for the future. These dwelling types are based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ ‘functional classification of buildings’:-

These classifications encompass:

• Detached houses;
• Semi-detached, row or terrace house, townhouse or duplex, etc. with one storey;
• Semi-detached, row or terrace house, townhouse or duplex, etc. with two or more storeys;
• Flat, unit or apartment in a building of one or two storeys;
• Flat, unit or apartment in a building of three storeys;
• Flat, unit or apartment in a building of four or more storeys;
• Dwellings excluding new residential (typically called conversions).

Housing starts forecasts by these dwelling types are available on a national basis, and by state and territory, for the period 2006/07 to 2017/18.

The forecasts are available on an annual subscription bases which includes: four quarterly updates of all forecasts by new dwelling type in Excel format; a national dwelling composition forecast report with the first set of forecasts; long term forecasts of housing starts – total, detached houses, and total ‘multi-units’, national, state and territory – in excel format; and a long range housing projections report.

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