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Expert consultations

ACI has an experienced team of Economics professionals that can become part of the resources you draw on for your business. Our team can be called on for expert consultations directly suited to the requirements of your business. We can come to you for presentation to key personnel in your organization. Led by Chief Economist, Harley Dale – a highly regarded communicator and public speaker - our economist team is adept in presenting at conferences, board meetings or for informing decision makers in the areas of most interest to your business.

We offer specialist advice from industry leading economists and can tailor solutions to meet the unique needs of your business. Our expert economists can speak on resent economic events and draw on the relevant market conditions that are happening in your business. Our economists are working in the Building and Construction field talking to people at the coal face of the industry and bring a fresh insight into the conditions at play.

To find out how we can help assist you with these consultations call 02 62451380 or email

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