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In-depth analysis

At ACI our team of specialists can offer you in-depth analysis with proven results for a wide range of satisfied clients including Telstra, Rickett Benkiser and Nissan to name a few.

We provided Telstra with a report on the current and future level of Australia’s housing stock. This report was based on our forecasts and assessment of economic conditions and modelling of future demographic trends.

For Rickett Benkiser we provided a report about the number of Australian homes with dishwashers with results based on custom quantitative research.

Our research on the types of vehicles those in the construction industry use and for what purpose proved invaluable for Nissan.

With ACI we can offer in-depth analysis of:

  • construction industry trends and activity
  • structural change
  • drivers of supply and demand
  • impacts stemming from the evolving demographic environment
  • each sector, building-type or product-type, at a national, state, regional, and even local level.

Contact us to find out how we can help assist you.

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