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Periodic publications

We produce a suite of publications which examine the latest industry forecasts and emerging trends, at a national, state and even regional/local level. See below a list of publications.

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Construction Monitor

ACI Construction Monitor (Quarterly)

The ACI Construction Monitor provides detailed analysis, commentary and forecasts regarding contemporary developments and the future outlook for Australia’s non-residential construction sectors.

Download an extract of ACI Construction Monitor (126KB)

Population and Residential Building Hotspots

HIA Population and Residential Building Hotspots Report (Annual)

A nationwide indicator of building and population growth areas on an annual basis.

Download an extract of Population and Residential Building Hotspots Report 2017 (631KB)

Stamp Duty Watch

HIA Stamp Duty Watch (Quarterly)

Stamp Duty Watch examines latest developments in stamp duty on home purchase in each of the states and territories.

Download an extract of Stamp Duty Watch (333KB)

Trade Report

HIA Trades Report (Quarterly)

The Trades Report is a unique quarterly measure of both the availability and price movements of skilled building trades across Australia.

Download an extract of Trades Report (317KB)

HIA New Home Sales Report

HIA New Home Sales Report (Monthly)

This data collected each month from a sample of Australia’s largest 100 home builders. The report is the first update released each month on Australia’s home building industry.

Download an extract of New Home Sales Report (383KB)

 Housing Scorecard report

HIA Housing Scorecard Report (Bi annual)

The Housing Scorecard provides a halfyearly review of residential building conditions in each state and territory. The report provides a ranking that highlights the relative strength or weakness of residential building activity in each state and territory.

Download an extract of the Housing Scorecard Report (392KB)

ACI Housing Australia’s Future

ACI Housing Australia’s Future (Annual)

The Housing Australia’s Future report presents an in-depth analysis of Australia’s housing requirements. The report considers future building requirements under different population and real income growth scenarios for Australia, as well as for each state and territory.

Download an extract of ACI Housing Australia's Future (513 KB)

Renovations Roundup

HIA Renovations Roundup (Quarterly)

Renovations Roundup offers a comprehensive overview of Australia’s $28.5 billion renovations market. The report presents the results of a unique industry survey, analyses the structure of the industry, explores the key drivers of activity, and discusses the future prospects for the renovations market in each state.

Download an extract of the Renovation Roundup (952KB)

Class Two Building

ACI Class Two Building and Multi-Storey Construction Report

Research undertaken by Australian Construction Insights fills the information gap regarding Class Two Buildings and Multi storey construction. Through extensive analysis of information collected from building permit applications, ACI has undertaken a comprehensive investigation into the volume of class two buildings with regard to the number of storeys, dwellings, and building costs.

Download order form for ACI Class Two Building Report (434KB)

HIA State and National Forecast (Quarterly)

A comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy to follow quarterly account of the performance of Australia's residential construction industry.

Download an extract of the National Outlook (1.99MB)

Download an extract of the State Outlook (1.93MB)


HIA-COLORBOND® steel Housing 100

The report highlights the activities of the largest 100 companies, where their markets are, what they build, their company profile, and their contact and website details.

Download an extract of Housing 100 (pdf 1.0MB)

HIA-Cordell Construction 100

HIA – Cordell Construction 100 (Annually)

Produced in partnership with Cordell, this report contains in-depth analysis of both the engineering construction and non-residential building sectors.

Download an extract of Construction 100 (pdf 1.3MB)

HIA Kitchen and Bathroom Report (Annually)

A unique document which provides a comprehensive overview of opportunities, attitudes, and forecasts for this all important $11+ billion sector of the residential construction industry.

Download an extract of Kitchens and Bathrooms Report (4MB)

HIA-rpdata Residential Land Report

HIA – CoreLogic Residential Land report (Quarterly)

A comprehensive update on land prices, land sales volumes, and residential lot sizes on a capital city and non-metropolitan basis, down to a statistical district level.

Download an extract of Residential Land Report (425KB)

HIA-Commonwealth Bank Affordability Report

HIA Affordability Report (Quarterly)

HIA's timely quarterly report on housing affordability, contains analysis for each state and territory, excluding the NT but including non-metro areas.

Download and extract of Affordability Report (pdf 118KB)