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Australian Construction Insights

How to thrive in a constantly changing industry

Australia’s construction industry is constantly evolving which means businesses face new challenges almost daily, but they’re also presented with exciting new opportunities.

Australian Construction Insights (ACI) will help you overcome those challenges and leverage those opportunities.

For instance, did you know?

  • More and more new homes are medium/high density dwellings
  • The alterations and additions market will boom in the next decade, as hundreds of thousands of homes reach ‘renovation age’
  • Commercial construction is increasing, but geographical and sub-sector differences abound
  • Engineering construction to benefit from an era of catch-up in infrastructure.

Across the spectrum of residential, commercial and engineering construction, ACI can provide fresh insight, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and unique research tailored to whatever size or scope of job required.



Tailored market research

ACI offers the latest and most accurate data available through our detailed, tailored market research. More

In-depth analysis

In-depth analysis

Our in-depth analysis ensures that our reporting provides the best information for your business to grow in a constantly changing industry. More

Expert consultations

Discover how professional economists can provide the latest economic information to your conference or board meeting. More



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Our clients include:

Credit Suisse | Defence Housing Australia | Reckitt Benkiser | Telstra | New Zealand Trade Enterprise | Australand | Daikin | Frame and Timber Manufacturers Association | Danks | Boral | Nissan